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Full Interactive Financial Models for investors and companies

Our prebuilt and customisable models save investors valuable time by focusing on what matters and empower IR teams to communicate their financial narrative.

Recently added company models on our platform
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Easily build your own forecasts and valuation scenarios

Use our interactive models to reach faster investment conclusions & understand what really matters for a company. We provide high quality segment-level data with interactive charts to take the pain out of financial modelling. Our platform covers a wide range of companies with integrated valuation and analysis tools.


Shape your financial story, attract more investors, and uncover valuable insights

Empower your Investor Relations journey with Stellar Fusion. Customise your financial narrative, share it through our models, and establish transparent communication with investors. Gain awareness of investor interest and key focus areas of your financial model.


A new investment analysis experience

Save time with our pre-built company models


Free yourself from the time-intensive process of model creation to focus on value-add insights.

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Easier and more effective analysis

Investor Access-3

Detailed descriptions and interactive charts for a deeper understanding of the company with segment level data.

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Integrated DCF and Multiples Valuations


Explore a range of valuation methods to make data-driven investment decisions with confidence.

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Bridge the information gap with investors

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Our models better enable investors to understand your equity story and reach informed investment decisions.

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Own your financial narrative with our models

Highlight metric

Customise and annotate your model to bring your financials to life and help investors and analysts focus on what matters.

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Uncover new investor’s insights

Data Insights

Discover insights about investors interested in your stock, and learn about their key areas of focus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from using Stellar Fusion? 
  • Stellar Fusion provides financial models to facilitate company-investor interaction.

  • Investors gain access to a wide range of models and interactive tools to speed up their analysis and make informed investment decisions.

  • Companies, particularly small and mid-cap, can increase their visibility, transparency, and enhance their communication with shareholders.
How are Stellar Fusion's financial models unique? 
  • Our financial models are built by experienced research analysts and designed to balance complexity with usability.

  • They include descriptions and annotations to provide investors with greater detail of segments and drivers, combining quantitative and qualitative insights.

  • All the models are housed on one intuitive platform, making cross-company comparison simple.
What challenges does Stellar Fusion address? 
Stellar Fusion addresses major pain points in the investment community exacerbated by regulatory changes and equity research budget cuts. These include:

  • reduced stock coverage
  • compromised research and financial data quality
  • the need for transparency in investment decision-making
Our solution offers advanced financial modeling and analysis tools designed for enhanced efficiency and clarity in your investment process.

How can I start using Stellar Fusion? 
  • Getting started is straightforward. Start a free trial or book a demo with our team.

  • Build scenarios and witness how Stellar
    Fusion facilitates a more seamless investment process.

  • Explore our Investor Relations tools and bring your financials to life.



"Stellar Fusion offers a unique concept for investors to really grasp the impact of certain developments on valuation quickly. Using Stellar Fusion improves every investor’s understanding of our businesses. For IRs it enables much improved communication between companies and both its existing and target shareholders".

Serge Enneman - Head of IR

"I think Stellar Fusion has enormous potential to be a hugely valuable tool for investors at every level of sophistication, providing a quick and user friendly way of looking at a company and getting to grips with what the most significant drivers of their value are to help form an investment thesis".


Max Robinson - IR

"The IR role is growing and we are communicating more directly with investors. We are working with Stellar Fusion to engage our potential investors through a working, up-to-date model. We know capital is becoming more global and Stellar Fusion allows us to service a far wider investor base".

David De La Roz - Head of IR

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